Flying fox

NEW: Classes for children from 5 till 7 years

Is your child ready for school? And do you know this school readiness is not a matter of chronological age?

After the exceptional success at „Movement and cognition conference“ in Harvard , our scientifically proven school readiness program is already in Bulgaria.

Research shows that children who do the program 5 days a week achieve 16% higher cognitive, communicative, social-emotional and physical development.

„Flying fox“ classes are designed to ensure that your child has mastered the skills for learning. Participation in a sensory-motor-perceptual-conceptual program enables the brain to function at a higher level.

Through a huge range of fun games and skill-building activities, we improve the child’s executive functions, concentration, emotional stability and social competences.

What are we working for?

  • thinking, memory, attention and confidence
  • communication and social skills,
  • strength, balance and coordination

*Lessons are conducted without parents.