Concerned about your child?

KindyROO offers a one-on-one consultancy service for babies to school aged children with neuro-developmental immaturities, often linked to retained primitive reflexes, missing or delayed developmental milestones, sensory, learning and/or behavioural challenges. Research overwhelmingly shows that it is healthy neurological development that underpins social, emotional, physical and academic success.

The KindyROO neuro-developmental program centres on rebuilding, strengthening and consolidating the underpinning neural structures which form the basis for moving, learning, behaviour and cognitive functioning. Neuro-developmental education offers real results for all age groups. Readjusting the neural pathways and unlocking the power of neuroplasticity can be life changing.

What is the neuro-developmental approach?

The KindyROO neuro-developmental program is based on the reflex-sensory-motor-perceptual pathway of development. A trained KindyROO consultant identifies the neurological immaturities, which have affected a child’s physical, social, emotional or academic functioning. The consultant designs an individual program to integrate retained primitive reflexes and ameliorate the sensory, motor and perceptual obstacles of development. Very specific developmental exercises are provided including tactile, movement, vestibular, visual and auditory practices. These aim to train the brain to process and manage multi-sensory input, assist the functioning of the motor system and develop perception, which lie at the heart of all learning and behaviour.

Assessment includes the detection of retained primitive reflexes, the child’s sensory functioning and motor, perceptual and neurological capabilities. It includes an evaluation of the child’s visual and auditory capacity and powers of communication. Nutrition and health may also be addressed. The assessment may take three hours.

Parents are asked to complete a case history form prior to the initial appointment and both parents are requested to attend.  During this appointment the child is assessed and a daily home program recommended.

Who will benefit?

1. Babies to Pre-school aged children with:

  • Developmental Immaturities
  • Babies with delayed or missed key developmental milestones
  • Toddlers who are late walkers, missed crawling, frightened of climbing, reluctant to explore and/or who cling to caregiver excessively
  • Pre-schoolers who are not hopping, marching, skipping, have poor coordination, delayed laterality, speech difficulties and/or prolonged separation anxiety, behavioural issues

2. School aged children with:

  • Learning difficulties
  • School readiness delays
  • Academic under-achievement
  • Attention Deficit Disorders
  • Autistic Syndromes
  • Behavioural abnormalities
  • Poor Learning Motivation

What does a neuro-developmental program involve?

  • A personalised home program is tailored to assist the child to achieve brain maturity
  • Instructions and demonstrations are provided for each exercise or task
  • The program, depending on the severity of the difficulties, can vary from 10 to 30 minutes in length and is carried out twice a day
  • Attention needs to be paid to instructions and the duration of each developmental exercise
  • Resources inform parents about neuro-development to assist in the achievement of results
  • Parent and child are encouraged to learn how to address the problem together
  • Intensity, frequency and duration will make a huge difference to the outcomes
  • The program may take 10 to 12 months to complete

When can parents see benefits of the program?

It is likely that parents will see results in weeks, but the complete benefits of the program may take many months, due to the rate it takes for the brain to become more efficient and effective.

It is useful to compare the KindyROO neuro-developmental program to practicing the piano. It is through practice that the child becomes proficient – the more practice, the more skilled the child becomes. So it is with the KindyROO neuro-developmental program. Two fifteen-minute sessions a day over a period of several months will bring more improvement than irregular practice here and there. 

Initial consultation is 180 leva and lasts for two hours. Follow up is 80 leva.

How can you book?

PLEASE bear in mind that the time slots are for booking purposes only. Exact time/date of your consultation will be finalised after the booking is complete

1. Select city, KindyROO centre and time slot from the timetable you will find here. 

2. Register and pay 

3.  Fill the questionnaire you will find in your parent’s portal. This questionnaire will enable the consultant to be prepared for your individual requirements. 

Our KindyROO neuro-development consultants are certified by our head office in Australia. They are also either a psychologist, speech therapist, kinesiotherapists or paediatric nurses. Ask your local centre for more details!

KindyROO consultancy is not a medical centre and does not provide medical advice. For medical problems seek the advice of your local doctor.